6 December 2019, FRIDAY
(Workshop 1, 9:00AM - 10:00AM)

Workshop Description

Young people are living in a "gender" complicated world today. This workshop helps to bring forth an understanding of how gender revolution and the more than 100 types of gender. What happened to the 1 male + 1 female? Can those with same-sex attraction or transgender be transformed? Let this workshop be a "safe" place for discussion without discrimination.

Rev. Tryphena Law

Ever wondered how A.I or aritifical intelligence has taken us so far?This workshop will revolve around the questions that we have about A.I. Is it costructive or desruptive to mankind?

Dr. Ang Sau Loong (KDU)

This workshop will explore each individual’s potential in movement. Based on the idea that every body is a dancing body, using tools of improvisation, come find your own way of moving! No background or experience in dance necessary.


Learn how the lighting, lenses, and stylistic choices can add visual power to your film or photography. Learn how to be open to the moments and experiences that inspire you, and to find a story that you love and tell it through the lens.

Ronson Poy

We live in a day and age where a lot of times we were taught that all that matters is me. But deep inside of us, we long to do go to make an impact that will last. This workshop aims to show you that to bring about impact it doesn’t take a lot but it only takes one decision.

Joa Wee (Seed Initiative)

7 December 2019, SATURDAY
(Workshop 2, 9:00AM - 10:00AM)

Workshop Description

Is it hard to be a leader? Are leaders born or are they nurtured? Learn about what it takes to be a leader and how you can be an influence to your circle. Be prepared to iImpact lives and live out the qualities of leadership.

Ps Daniel Lau

Millennials are more than comfortable with internet, mobile, and social media - though they may vaguely remember life without them - and they have sky-high expectations about instant access to information. The market place talk covers the explosion to reach these millennials with big data analytics with practical computing tools, to project the results instantly to make decisions. The talk instantly covers the knowledge in digital education and a paradigm shift in K-12 learning in Schools (Secondary and in Universities). Additionally, there will be demos and videos reflecting the title.

Dr. J. Joshua Thomas (KDU)

This workshop is to help the participant to understand the concept of health from the youth perspective by focusingn on the main keys to stay healthy, our daily food intake, and what are the unhealthy habit in our lifestyle.


Ever wished you could draw like an artist? This workshop shows the technical range of drawing still life objects and developing the creativity of each individual. Learn about the most basics of drawing such as line, shape, form, tone and shadow.

Mei Cui

What if one person touches the life of another person? The world will be a different place to live in. This workshop covers stories about reaching out to refugees. Be inspired and be the change.

Kim Lim (The Picha Project)

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